Quinn's list

What is Quinn's List?

Determined to give Quinn a wonder-full life, and their entire family memories to last a lifetime, Brett and Eileen turned to their friends and family to garner suggestions on experiences everyone should have in their lifetime. The replies they received made up Quinn’s List, mostly comprised of small moments that make big memories.

“Everyone should dip their toes in the ocean… be kissed by a puppy… dance with their daddy… sit on Santa's lap…”

Some were more regional in nature (visit FAO Schwarz, take a Circle Line cruise, visit Maine) and others more ambitious in scope (swim with the dolphins, see a baseball and football game, visit Disney World).

An incredible support system, coupled with Quinn's general good health and good spirits, allowed the Linzers to complete an amazing 40 of the 50+ List items.

Unfortunately, the kind of support the Linzers received – in every sense of the word – is not available to many families facing the same circumstance.  And traditional wish-granting organizations do not consider wishes until the child is 3 years of age.  That would have been one year, nine months too late for Quinn.

So Quinn's List was established to facilitate these types of experiences – these types of memories – for any family with a child under 3 who has been diagnosed with a terminal metabolic disorder.  

These families may want to have their child dip their toes in the ocean, but they live in the middle of the country and do not have the means to make the trip.

High Tea at a fancy hotel may have been a childhood dream of a mom, who hoped to share that with her child – only to be told the child will be taken too soon.

A years-old tradition of taking vacation to the same spot may be the biggest dream for another family – but medical bills may get in the way.

Quinn’s List was created to help.  And you can help Quinn’s List do it.

Donate now, and be a part of the memories that will be cherished for life.


The Quinn Madeleine Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, and as such all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

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